Time to Start

This time, I decided to start e netlabel. Which provide a free music. From independent artis. For non profit band and musician. From pop to metal. From gothic to symphonic power metal, and from 80’s disco style to darkwave and industrial. From accoustic to the folk song and of course punk, hardcore, grindcore, blackmetal and anykind of metal music is more than just welcome. And we don’t forget about different variations of experimental music, field recordings, drone, sound art, warm and extreme noise, ambient, electroacoustic, minimalism etc

We don’t limit our music to one specific style

All the material are free to download and to redistribute. And absolutely not for sale.

All of our releases are in digital file formats and it’s all free to download. Under a Creative Commons License, which means they are free for you to download and re-distribute.

We try to make a network with other netlabel and spread the free release.

Save the world, support free independent talented musician. Thanx


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