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Pispot – Korporasi Bandit

korpsFrom the Jember (East java/Indonesia) punk scene. Arise the band called Pispot. They Influenced by the old Sex pistols, Ramones, Toy dolls , and The Clash

the bands      : Nanda: Vocal, Wawan Bass , Dandik Guitar , Firman Drum

Korporasi Bandit one of their favourite song.

Download their song here


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World Nasty Anarchy – Survive

wnapixOne of the Jember (East Java/Indonesia) Punk rockers. Their song called Survive.

Their influences including, wodka, the idiot, Devastated, Anti cimex, Disfear, Wolfpack, Consume, Viktim, The Varukers, MOB47, SOL, Pack, Antidot, Dislike, POA, WOF, Sattelite, Hallowar, Bombardir.

W.N.A :

  • Asep – Vocal
  • Hanna –  guitar
  • Endrik – Bass
  • Afree – Drums

Download the song here

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Criminal Vagina – Infeksi Liang Senggama


This song from Jember (East Java, Indonesia) gore/grind band. Criminal Vagina. They made it and give it for free to you, metal freaks.

the band member : Tam,Pepeng,Yanto,Ufiz,Firman

Influences : Terrorizer, CSSO, Lividity, Unearth, Black Dahlia Murder, Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Kitty, Ashlee simpson, Asia Carrera, Bjork, Fear Factory.

You can download their song here

Myspace :

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