Synthphonica – 4 Way Split

Synthphonica !
There are Boy Lost His Toys, Ramnit A, Yes No Azka and Dirtynity.

Making this split album to show their unlimited creativity.  Beautiful harmony, beautiful symphony.
Tracklist :

  1. Boy Lost His Toys – Gloomy Circus
  2. Boy Lost His Toys – Shake hands
  3. Boy Lost His Toys – When The Kids Have No More Space
  4. Dirtynity – Sore Hari
  5. Dirtynity – Teman Tidur
  6. Ramnit.A – Secret Admirer
  7. Ramnit.A – Coma
  8. Yes No Azka – Morning Walk In The Suburbs
  9. Yes No Azka – Olsen Olsen (Sigur Ros Cover)
  10. Yes No Azka – Seagulls & Crows

Download Synthphonica Here


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