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War Ensemble – Noise Interpretation Of Slayer

Jeff Hanneman has passed away.
But his spirit is still alive with Slayer
War Ensemble was made by them who loves Slayer. This is harsh noise/noise/experimental interpretation of Slayers, and tribute to Jeff Hanneman.

Thanx for everyone who join and involved in this act.

Tracklist :

  1. Noise Machine – Angel’s Sacrifice
  2. Sodadosa – Raining Blood
  3. Exclamation Point-Silent Scream
  4. mutanT.R.I. -Bloody Rain
  5. DJ MixXxuruca – Raining Blood (Slayer Remix)
  6. Guns Zop – Sx9x
  7. Post Mortem – Post Mortem
  8. PENNY PENASSI – Ghosts of War
  9. Phantasm Nocturnes – Hell Awaits (Hell Is Here Remix)
  10. Seiei Jack – Mandatory Suicide
  11. Jerk Kerouac – Wall Ensemble
  12. Robotic Joe – Jeff Hanneman Vs. Brown Recluse Spider (Destroy All Spiders The Hanneman Ditication Track)
  13. Body 13 – Behind the Crooked Cross
  14. Porraloka – Noise Session In The Abyss
  15. Harsh Hertz – Requiem For Him


Soon on Bandcamp


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