Over the years we have released everything from pop to punk, jazz to metal and of course noises and experimental. What is important to us is the spirit of the music and the attitude of the people that make it. We’re always looking for new exciting music and are open to suggestion from artists, songwriters, producers and remixers. We are always waiting for Your demos and happy to listen to all of Your stuffs!

If You are ready, use one of the sending methods like :
send the file directly or Use file-sharing webhosting is fine with me and send the link!
or leave us a message something like putting a link to your music (soundcloud, myspace, reverbnation etc)

These instructions are easy, fun and pretty important, please feel free to spread the info
We listen to all the incoming stuffs recieved and we trying hard to reply to every single submission with feedback.
Please be patient if You hear nothing back. We still love to get Your music and noises ! Keep up!

One response to “Submission

  1. Hey guys, check our website
    We’re a crust/noise/cybergrind netlabel for promotion only and have some stuff for download.


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